Tips For Travelling With A Baby Under 1 Year-Old

When you are going on vacation to a different country, it naturally means that you have to take your baby with you, lest you actually want to leave it behind to some babysitter you recently hired. This means your packing stuff is doubled and your stress levels would be at maximum level. Being AROUND a baby is already stressful enough. Travelling with one and taking care of it at the same time doesn’t really leave you with much freedom to do whatever you want.

But that’s fine. Your baby is with you and being stressed is a small price to pay for going on a vacation with you child. So here are tips for travelling with a baby.

Take as little baby gear as possible

There is no need for you to drag around all the baby gear you have just to make sure that your baby is as comfortable as possible. That’s exhausting and unless you have the strength of Super Man and thrice as many arms as a normal human, you are going to have a bad time. Just bring what is needed and be smart about it.

Wear your baby

You would be less hassled just backpacking your baby around then bringing a stroller around all the time. There is a chance the baby would even pass out quickly with all the bouncing around, which means less stress on your end. And with the baby on you and your hands free to hold the other bags you’re carrying or holding unto railings so you don’t fall, you get to have more mobility. Not to mention, if there is no stroller, you are free to squeeze through tight spaces and move along.

Pack light

Again, this is redundant because most mums tend to bypass this, thinking they need all their stuff with them when they travel. Just pack light and don’t overdo it. You’re going to regret it once you’re on the road. It’s easier to travel if you have less stuff. You’re already carrying a baby around. Don’t make it harder on yourself.

Sufficient amount of diapers doesn’t mean a lifetime supply

Diapers and wipes can be bought in the destination you are going. You don’t need to carry all of that from your home all the way to where you are going. You might even get some discount or maybe the prices are a lot cheaper in the country you plan to go to.

Breastfeed if you can

Don’t be shy or feel awkward about it. It’s completely natural and you can do it anywhere, since it’s a natural part of life. You’re a mum now, after all. You would find that no one around the world would find it weird or make things awkward with you, so if the baby is hungry, breastfeed. For easier access, don’t bother with a cover since it will just annoy the baby. Wear a dress instead.