The Things To Consider Before Booking A Flight

Don’t press on the “Book Flight” button just yet. There are some things to consider first. If this is your first rodeo at travelling by plane, then you ought to hold your horses and think first.

Think of them as rules so you don’t make a mess of yourself and possible make mistakes. They say that you don’t learn until you make mistakes. But why wait until then? It’s better to learn from other people’s mistakes instead. That’s how you become wiser, I say.

Don’t mistake the airplane you’re supposed to get on

As ridiculous as it is, people do often mistake the plane they’re getting on. There are a lot of people, even famous ones that mistakenly take a plane to somewhere that wasn’t their intention. Double check your ticket and the plane you are getting on. You do not want to end up somewhere that sounds exactly like the name you were supposed to be. It’s a terrifying thing to find yourself in, to be in a place you are not familiar with and is VERY far away from home, and also the fact that the costs for it will be devastating.

Are you getting the right price?

Are you? There are search engines, fortunately, that help you determine if you are getting the price higher or cheaper than you are supposed to be, comparing the prices with one another just so you don’t have to go through the trouble of doing it yourself. Still, it doesn’t hurt to do it manually, just to make sure. After all, this is your money and trip.

The right airline

Don’t worry about the loyalty rewards. What’s important here is that you get the right service and the proper prices to get to your destination. Never forget that safety is also a priority here. In fact, if it’s your first time flying and you are terrified of planes—like my dad—your priority SHOULD be the safety. You ARE going to be trapped in a huge piece of metal up in the air for a couple of hours, after all.

Non-stop vs. direct

Double-check that what you are booking is one or the other. If you don’t want to waste any more hours without stopping at random stops that aren’t yours, make sure that you for non-stop instead of direct. Those are completely different things. This is to save you from any more hours being poured into a flight that you aren’t even comfortable with. Especially if this really is your first time.

The passport validity

Have you completed or at least know of the requirements for the passport of the destination you are heading at? Make sure that you check because there are a lot of countries that want your passport to be valid at least six months from the day of your departure. Don’t book your flight yet before doing this.