The Canary Islands – The Ideal Getaway

Lose yourself on any of the Canaries’ gorgeous islands

You could get lost here, in a good way. Whether it’s a cultural tour you’re after, or an exploration of the deepest blue sea, or even just some good old fashioned fun in the sun, the landscapes of the Canary Islands are a magnificent choice for sightseeing and getting your feet wet — often literally. The sun shines brightly on this set of islands, and it’s no big chore to get from one to the other, depending on which island best suits your mood from day to day, or week to week. The arid desert earth of Lanzarote is so close, geographically, to the more temperate Tenerife, that the extraordinary change in atmosphere between the islands can only come as a very deep shock. There are water parks and wildlife parks here, beautiful cliff-side views and unique rock formations to dazzle the eyes and all the other senses as well — including your sense of discovery.

Just a hop, skip or a jump from mainland Europe

The joy of visiting the Canary Islands is made all the more easy by its great accessibility and fine infrastructure. It’s easy to get there, even easier to get around, and despite their location in the world, you’ll never have to worry about unexpected problems or choppy roads to cause you even the slightest discomfort. Everything about the Canary Islands is decidedly first world, and even better than that, decidedly Spanish. But the culture here is different indeed from its mainland Spanish roots, in ways that continue to surprise and amaze even the most frequent of visitors. Whereas Spanish people and cities are often quite busy, life on the Canaries is a few notches back along the scale, toward pure relaxation and enjoyment. All the good qualities of Spain, in other words, without all the fuss.

Settling into the canary routine is easier than you think

As welcoming as the landscape of the islands truly is, you’ll find the people even more hospitable. Rarely will you have trouble at all making new friends, either with other travellers or with the residents themselves, who are as warm at heart as anybody else in the world. And why shouldn’t they be? They’re proud of their island, keen to show it off to new people, and also glean as much from incoming travellers as you are keen to absorb their own experiences. It’s all easy living on these islands, and sad indeed is the day when you will have to go home — oh, postpone that day as long as you are able! — and rejoin the old life you lived behind. Fortunately, the memories will make the journey home that much more pleasant for you.