The Canary Experience – Truly a Sensual Delight

Re-energise your life with a single visit

The television shows are getting repetitive, and every week’s food starts to resemble the previous week’s. Your friends have no new stories to tell, and even your dog isn’t as much fun as it used to be. The job is the same thing day in and day out — even year in and year out. What’s a person to do? Perhaps a change is in order. You have too many commitments to your current life which prevent you from doing something too drastic or dramatic, or even something long term. Is there a quick fix? A place you can go just to recharge your batteries for a little while? Somewhere that will send you home a completely new person? As a matter of fact, we’re glad you asked…

Give your life an extended massage

The Canary Islands will change your body clock, making it tick more slowly with each passing day. There’s plenty to do here, but since you’re so comfortable relaxing on the beach, sipping fruit drinks by the shore and working on your tan, you might not be inspired to get out and start doing it. And there’s nothing wrong with that; you’ll likely find yourself falling behind, far behind, on your itinerary because you simply enjoy each activity too much, and you can’t make yourself leave it to move on to the next thing. But there’s an upside to all that, of course; if you can’t see all you planned to see on this trip … well, that constitutes the perfect excuse to make plans to go right back to the Canary Islands again at the very next opportunity, and pick up right where you left off. On this group of islands, procrastination is no sin at all. Or if it is, then it’s the one place where sinning gets you straight to heaven.

Spoiler for Choice: There’s beauty everywhere you look

On the Canaries, the only hard choices you’ll have to make are in situations where you have too many choices, rather than not enough of them. Dinners can be such enjoyable events that you might stay on for hours in the restaurants, sipping wines or sangrias, or even something stronger, till long after the sun goes down. Or there might be a cultural dance to see, or perhaps an evening stroll along the beach to watch the sun go down over the Atlantic. Anything is possible out here, except for the idea that you might ever be disappointed by the place.