Tenerife Hotels & Resorts at Your Fingertips

The Other side of Tenerife Hotels

Tenerife’s magical attractions are only half the fun. On the island you’ll find some of the most magnificent hotels and holiday resorts, it’ll be hard to convince yourself to actually go outside and see the islands. Consider: For lower prices than you can truly permit yourself to expect, you’ll find holiday options all over the best Tenerife hotels, where you can laze about in the sunshine, insulated from the buzzing of everyday life, and ready as ever to be massaged, fed and served until pure bliss washes over you. Of course, the best option available is the Gran Tenerife hotel, an outstandingly friendly establishment with full spas inside, not to mention glorious pools and restaurants, bars and full service in the rooms. But if it’s cheap Tenerife hotels you’re after, we have plenty else to recommend as well, for very memorable visits that won’t burst the budget.

Location, Location, Location – Tenerife Hotels

For all the services you might require at your hotel — the usual services, of course, plus laundry, shopping, travel advice and plenty else besides — perhaps the finest feature of our most preferred hotels on the island is something that the hotels don’t even have to work hard to achieve. We refer, of course, to the fact that the hotels’ locations are central to exactly where you want to be. Plenty of beautiful beaches are simply a stone’s throw away from the Gran Tenerife hotel, and you’ll feel like a king or queen as you stroll along the shore with the waves lapping at your feet, knowing that your own private suite is just a few steps away. In fact, all of the best Tenerife hotels are similarly situated, and it’s really no wonder, when you consider how beautiful the entire island is. It becomes hard to even imagine a hotel in a bad location, for the simple reason that there are no bad locations. At times like these, you may just want to stand where you are, turn in a slow circle and take in your surroundings, with a very big grin on your face. Here you are: You’ve made it.

All the best Tenerife hotels, right outside your door

If you’re looking for enjoyment, you simply won’t need any help from the hotel staff when you’re ready to go out searching. But if it’s a specific place you’re after, or something in particular you’d like to do, the workers at the reception desks will be more than happy to point you in the right direction — even at the cheap Tenerife hotels. And there’s plenty to go out and see, from the main streets to the secret hideaways that most foreign visitors never even find out about during their entire stays on the island. If nothing else, the knowledge that such places even exist will give you ample reason to decide to book your next trip out to the Canary Islands — so you can go out and search for more of them. But in truth, most visitors simply find a few favourite places (and find them very quickly indeed), and make themselves regulars at these haunts. It’s so easy to make yourself feel at home in Tenerife, that you might literally decide to do just that.