Practicing Excellent Airplane Etiquette

Have you booked cheap flights to Tenerife South? If yes, then congratulations for making an excellent choice. If not, then you better do so. That’s because Tenerife is the largest, most populous, and the tourism hub of the magnificent Canary Islands. There are plenty of amazing sights to visit, dishes to sample, and adventures to try in this paradise island. It’s one of those few locations on earth that can really give you an experience of a lifetime.

You would notice Tenerife’s reputation as a world-class tourist destination when you reach the airport; there are hundreds of people going to the same destination as you. That means, you won’t be alone in the plane. And since you’ll have fellow passengers with you, it is important to reign in your giddiness and exercise proper etiquette.

Here’s a short but useful guide on how to behave when you are several miles up in the sky in a long aluminium tube that is filled with hundreds of passengers.

Reclining your seat

Before reclining your seat, check if there’s no passenger behind you. If there is one, ask him if you could recline your seat. That’s because he might be using the tray behind your seat’s back. If he says yes, thank the person and recline the seat slowly.

Stowing your carry-on bag

Do not put your bag in the aisle or on the floor between you and your seatmate; it could get in the way of others. Rather, place it in the stowage bin above you or under your seat. Also, do not make the assumption that the storage bin directly above you is for you alone.

Your attire during a flight

If you’re not going on a business trip, then casual clothes such as a clean pair of jeans and a shirt are fine. Do not wear skimpy clothes that show too much skin as this may be quite offensive to some passengers. Also, note that airplane seats may be crawling with germs from previous passengers. By wearing skimpy clothes, a lot of your skin comes in contact with a possibly dirty seat.

Should you wear perfume?

Smelling good is nice. But if you go overboard as if you doused yourself buckets of perfume, then it’s going to be suffocating, especially in the crowded cabin of an aircraft. Yes, you may like your scent, but that doesn’t mean other people like it too. Thus, just wear a mild scent.

Public displays of affection

If you are travelling with your special someone, then restrain yourselves from displaying too much public displays of affection. Gestures such as holding hands or a smacking lightly on the cheeks are fine; torrid kissing and petting is not. If other passengers start looking at you uneasily, then that’s a sign that you’re overdoing it.

When going to the toilet

If you think you’ll be going to the bathroom often, sit at an aisle seat so you won’t disturb your seatmate. If you’re seated by the window, say, “Excuse me, I need to go to the bathroom” to your seatmate, get up, and slowly ease yourself out of the seat area and into the aisle.

By exercising proper airline etiquette, you will be remembered as a pleasant, professional, and well-mannered passenger.