How To Master The Art Of Eating Alone When Travelling

Travelling alone is a wonderful experience. You don’t really feel lonely when you’re doing it, due to the fact that you would be so distracted by the new things to do and see (as well as the new friends you get to meet upon travelling alone). Oh, and the whole business of having to handle all the background stuff to travelling also doesn’t give you enough time to FEEL lonely.

That is until you have to face mealtimes. Eating in your hotel room is fine since you would literally be just by yourself in that one single area. But you won’t be doing that all the time while travelling, would you? What’s the point of going to an unfamiliar place if you’re not even going to bother eating the local food? So of course you would get out to eat.

And that’s where the problem lies.

Is it a problem though?

Eating alone in a public area like a restaurant or a bar isn’t really that bad. Sure, it will be awkward the first few times, but if you’re hard-faced enough to not care, then it wouldn’t be a problem.

How about when eating alone GETS to be a problem though? After all, not everyone is brave about it. Some people get shy or anxious about it. What do you do?

You ENJOY it. Because eating alone is one of the few and rare times that you would ACTUALLY be able to catch up with yourself. You don’t get to do that while you’re out there sky-diving or swimming. You won’t be able to stop and process how YOU’RE doing if you are sightseeing and visiting museums and all those tourist spots. Dine like a king or a queen. For that note, our suggestions below might help you distract yourself or overcome the shyness of eating alone.

  • People watching is fun when you’re not in a familiar country
  • Writing on your journal to catch up
  • Read a book/story from your phone while eating. It isn’t that weird.
  • Be on your phone. Catch up with friends and family
  • Watch a show or some videos while you eat
  • Sit at the bar, there is a guarantee that you won’t get lonely there
  • Treat yo’self
  • Savour the fact that you’re alone
  • If it really bothers you, then choose a seat that lets you face away from the crowd

Travelling is fun and a whole other experience. Part of that is also eating cuisines not found where you are from. Don’t worry too much about being alone. You either do it and enjoy it, of you invite a local friend you made in the country so you two could chat and eat together. And hey, they might even tell you tips about where the best place is for selling better food.