How To Look Sexy and Glowing During Your Flight

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All that excitement and positivity all starts by feeling good at yourself. And you feel good about yourself if you look good. Here are a few tips on how to look at your best while travelling.

Pack your things a few nights before your trip to prevent unnecessary stress.

If you pack at the last minute, you’ll have to run all over the place, sweating and heaving and looking hurried. That’s not really a great look when visiting other places, is it?

Look for clothes that are lightweight, comfortable, and easy to take off if you need a quick change.

Stick to comfortable clothes that are neutral or solid in colour

. To avoid a bland look, accessorise your outfit with blings, jewellery, or scarves.

Do not wear brand-new shoes when travelling if you’ve not broken them in for at least a week.

You will definitely look awkward (not to mention that you’ll be feeling very, very uncomfortable), fidgeting in your new shoes.

The environment and climate in your destination or even inside the aircraft is different from that of your home country.

It can leave your skin pale, dry, and itchy. Thus, bring along a small bottle of moisturising lotion so you can moisturise your skin any time anywhere. Some travellers recommend carrying a spritz bottle that is filled with a solution of water and a few drops of lavender oil.

Drink moderately, and keep your alcohol intake low.

In fact, do not drink alcohol when you’re flying. The alcohol in your system disrupts your sleep, which results to eyebags and dry skin. It also causes you to have bad breath and smelly pores. That’s not really sexy.

Keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water or juice.

Being hydrated makes your skin look young and glowing.

If possible, apply light makeup when you reach your destination.

A light application of lip balm and eye cream are okay when travelling, but do not apply full face makeup before setting foot on your destination. You will probably rub or sweat it off your skin as you rush through the gates, carry your bag, or race to your connecting flight. Do not put makeup mid-travel. The aircraft’s poor lighting alters the colours significantly, and you’ll look horrible as you exit the plane.

Look at your best during your flight to Tenerife!