Holidaying in Spain for The Spanish Grand Prix

As you travel to Tenerife and other regions in Spain, you may want to check out one of its highlights: the country’s awesome addiction to speed.

If you are into the F1 Grand Prix, then you may wish to consider taking a holiday and going to watch one. Spain is always a good location as the weather is usually good. If you are looking for the cheapest holiday to Spain, then this may not be an option for you as the Grand Prix can be quite expensive. However, if you book well in advance, you may be able to get some good deals. There are also other ways that you can save yourself some money when you go to watch the Grand Prix in Barcelona. Being flexible is important in trying to save some money when going to watch the F1. There are savings to be made if you are willing to make the effort.


There are quite a few different ways that you can travel to Barcelona to watch the F1. The best one for you is going to depend on the time you have available and also your budget.


Obviously the quickest and easy way to travel to Spain to watch the F1 is by plane. About two and a half hours flight time from London to Barcelona, it is a quite short trip by plane, although you do pay for this convenience compared to other forms of transportation. If flying is going to be out of your budget, then you may wish to consider taking a train. This may be slightly cheaper than flying but will also take quite a while to get there as there are no direct trains going this route. It would most likely involve changing trains a number of times and would most likely take a couple of days. You could also drive yourself or even take a bus to Barcelona, and this should take in the region of about 16 to 20 hours, depending on traffic conditions and also the speed at which you drive. Yet another alternative would be to go to Barcelona by boat or ferry. This cruise would take most likely a couple of days, and the cost can vary. You do have the luxury of being able to relax whilst you travel and even have a bed to rest in, although the English Channel can get very rough in stormy seas, which makes some people very sick.


Barcelona is quite a large city, but when the F1 comes to town, you do see lots of hotels, resorts and guest houses full. This means that accommodation can not only be hard to find but also expensive. The race track is about 12 miles north east of the city, so you will find the further away from the race track you are, the more likelihood of available rooms and also cheaper prices. If you do wish to stay closer to the track to make it easier to get to during the days of the event, then you may need to book your hotel in advance to make sure that you get a room. One alternative to this is if you are driving to Barcelona, bring a tent with you. You will find plenty of reasonably priced campsites about, and some are quite close to the race track. Although you do not have some of the creature comforts you might find in a good quality hotel, you can stay in basic facilities at a really reasonable rate. Some campsites can even provide you with a tent, so you do not even need to bring one with you.

At the track

There are many ways to get to the track, which include cars, buses and trains. All are pretty easy and cheap to get there. You need to go to the track prepared. You need to keep in mind that it is a large open space, which do not have a lot of shade. It can get very warm indeed! Make sure that you take sun glasses, a hat, plenty of sun block, and also some ear plugs to help block some of the noise. There are plenty of facilities offering food and drink, but these can be quite expensive. If possible, you may wish to take your own provision to the track as this can also save you quite a bit of money. Not only will you get to see a great and prestigious sporting event, it is one of the oldest motor races in the sport, but you can also have a great holiday as well on a limited budget if you need to.