Be Ready With Your Travel Documents

You are looking forward to travel to Tenerife. You have your stuff ready, and you’re at the airport. You are just one step away from boarding the aircraft that will take you to paradise. But you also have this jittery feeling upon seeing the cold, stern faces of the people at the immigration. What if, for some reason, they won’t allow you to board because you lack certain documents? What if, for some reason, they would ask you to get off the airplane once you have boarded in it?

Not being allowed by immigration officials to get on a flight is every traveller’s nightmare. It signifies that the trip has ended before it even began. It totally wastes the time, money, and effort you invested in your trip not to mention the humiliation, stress, and frustration that you will encounter. Yet, you can’t blame the Bureau of Immigration for that. They are there to do a very important job: to fight human trafficking and prevent illegal aliens from entering the country.

Whether you like it or not, officials at immigration are authorized and have every right to question, investigate, or even detain you. But you can prevent such hassles and problems by simple preparation.

Required Documents

Whatever you do, you must bring and present original copies the following documents whenever you travel:

1. Valid passport – this all-important travel document issued by your government certifies your identity and nationality. This is needed whenever you travel internationally.

2. Visa – a visa is a document (or a stamp in your passport) that authorizes your entry to another country and stipulates the conditions of your stay in that country. It is very important to follow the terms of your stay in your visa.

3. Round trip airline ticket – your ticket is proof that you are going to return to your home country. Without a return ticket, immigration officials may think that you have an intention to illegally stay in your destination.

Usually, presenting these three documents would suffice. However, immigration officials may also ask you for other documents such as:

1. Employee certificate or ID – they want to see this to prove that you have work.

2. Hotel reservation – they may want to see this to assure themselves that you are visiting the country for a tour. If you say you’re planning to stay with a friend, they might become suspicious and will prompt them to ask you more questions.

3. Marriage certificate – if you say you’re married, they might ask you to present a marriage certificate to ensure that what you’re saying is true and that you have a spouse to come back to.

4. Photo of your family or spouse with you – Immigration officers may ask a family photo or a photo of your spouse and you for proof, in addition to your marriage certificate.

Bring these documents with you when you go to the airport. In that way, you’ll always have something official to present to immigration.