Amazing Beach Town in Tenerife That You Should Visit

Are you looking for cheap flights to Tenerife so you can spend an awesome summer vacation? You made the right choice in destination. As the largest island in the Canary Islands northwest of Africa, Tenerife is a vacationers hotspot, attracting more than 3 million visitors annually. It is blessed with constant sunny weather, verdant forests, magnificent sceneries, friendly people, and modern luxuries. The island has a perimeter that comprises some of the best beaches in the world.

As a first-time visitor, it might be confusing as to which destination should be visited first. Well, you can start off with the most popular attractions. Here are some of them.

Los Gigantes

The tip of the Tenerife’s west coast is Los Gigantes, a quaint town full of wonders. Named after the cliffs that form a mighty border around the town (Acantilados de los Gigantes), Los Gigantes is geared toward tourism with world-class hotels, apartments, bars, and restaurants dotting the town. You can also head out to the harbour where you can find providers for wind-based excursions such as boat trips, snorkelling, scuba diving, and various watersports. Definitely, you should try out the unique black beach, so-called because of the black sand that carpets it.

Puerto de Santiago

Close to Los Gigantes is a town called Puerto de Santiago, another tourist destination. Most of the residents and businessmen here are Spanish, giving the place a classical Canarian atmosphere. Lovely beaches, family bars, hotels, shops, and restaurants line up the town, making it a perfect venue for those who love relaxing vacations but do not wish to part from urban life.

Playa De La Arena

This small town is fairly low key, and there is a small plethora of restaurants, bars, and hotels. The main attraction here, however, is the place’s collection of black sand beaches, secluded bays, and magnificent vistas. Because the sea here can generate high waves during windy days, Playa De La Arena is a surfer’s paradise. Farther down the shore, there are strong underwater currents, which makes the place perfect for drift diving.


If you want to experience the taste of the unique culture of the Canary Islands, then head off to Alcala, which is still a quaint fishing village. Alcala offers extremely beautiful views of the sea and mountains, and you can experience these views while enjoying an authentic Canarian meal or beverage in one of the coffee shops, bistros, and restaurants that line up the esplanade. Touring around the town, you can see white-washed homes and buildings, cobblestone pathways, and lovely plazas.

Callao Salvaje

Are you itching to do some shopping and partying? Then Callao Salvaje can answer those needs. The town has plenty of shops, bars, fresh-fish restaurants, and discos which come alive at night. The town also features a quiet promenade that faces the sea, a perfect place for those who want to have some peace and quiet.

What are you waiting for? Find cheapest flights to Tenerife and set foot on these towns now!