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The Jewel of the Atlantic – cheapest flights to Tenerife

beach in TenerifeThe only thing better than Spain is the Spanish islands. The Canary Islands sit innocently off the coast of Morocco, waiting to be discovered by the world’s travellers Well, they can wait; it’s all the better for those ‘in the know’ about this fascinating destination, who like to enjoy the islands without being overrun by tour buses with holiday trippers from all around the world. Until that moment comes, let’s just let Tenerife and the other Canary destinations be our little secret. We’re a small company specialising in finding the cheapest flights to Tenerife South for our small (but happy) clientèle around our little corner of the web looking for holidays to Spain. Although you might not expect there to be so many options out there for travel out to the Eastern Atlantic, it’s simply a fact that the cheapest flights to Tenerife from Manchester are not always easy to find — or even available — for the casual traveller without some connections in the airline industry. And even harder, by a mile, is finding a good deal from elsewhere. For example, after an hour’s searching on the web, you might be under the impression that the cheapest flights to Tenerife from Glasgow will still be on the order of several hundred pounds round trip. Not so! Send us a query and we’ll sort through your request, showing you that a trip out to the Canaries can wind up being just a small fraction of what you would have ordinarily been willing to pay. And that leaves more money for enjoying the rest of the trip ….

Cheapest flights to Tenerife – Warm Climate, Warmer People

When the rest of Europe is still shaking off a hard winter, Spain’s southern islands are already getting ready for another summer at the beaches. You might be interested to know about Tenerife’s other neighbours, including the desert island of Lanzarote, formed by a volcano eruption and still looking like the strange little brother of the other Canaries. And then there is, of course, Gran Canaria, with its central attractions that bring in tourists from all over. But our favourite, of course, is Tenerife, whose pleasant international airport provides convenient links to several destinations in Europe and beyond. All the cheapest flights to Tenerife South run through this airport, and as soon as the sliding doors open on that warm Canary air, you’ll instantly forget about all your troubles at home. Imagine taking one of our cheapest flights to Tenerife from Manchester, and going in the space of a few hours from the gloomy rain of western England to the bright, sunny skies (and sunnier people) all around the Spanish islands. And it’s not as though you’ll even have to learn Spanish to enjoy them. The airlines have just opened up a new branch of services, offering the cheapest flights to Tenerife from Glasgow — and even if your thick Scottish accent is all you have, fear not. Folks on the Canaries will know just how to please you — and you’re guaranteed to make some great new friends while you’re down there. People are just in a happier mood on the Canary Islands — and why not be happy on islands such as these?

Land, Sea and Air: Tenerife’s Attractions are Boundless with cheap flights to Tenerife

The cheapest flights to Tenerife South aren’t the ones that will land you at an airport; they’re para-sailing adventures, hang-gliding afternoons, and skydiving extravaganzas. You’ll see the whole island from the most beautiful perspectives — and then go underneath them for a reverse-angle look, while you’re diving and snorkelling along the many gorgeous vantage points that surround the island. And why stop there? The islands themselves are just as beautiful as you can find anywhere, with parks and forests and plenty of relaxing seaside promenades and shopping roads everywhere you look. After you take one of our cheapest flights to Tenerife from Manchester, you won’t even want to board the return flight home. But fear not: When you’re back in the UK, you’ll find it just as easy to use us to get back to Tenerife once again — whether it’s on the same flight, or by using our other services, such as our cheapest flights to Tenerife from Glasgow. Before long it will seem like Europe’s remotest stretch of lovely beach side property is literally just around the corner from your home in Britain. At last — this is the lovely future you always dreamed of when you were younger. Now that it has finally arrived, how will you spend it? Curled up in front of the BBC with a meat pie in front of you … or out there in the world, living it up in tropical climates with fresh coconut shakes at your fingertips? Yeah, that’s what we’re talking about.